Ukrainian symphony

Here is my “Ukrainian symphony”.

Ukrainian symphony – Jean-Christophe Fadot

I have a global project, which is to promote the idea that the humankind should unite, and this for two reasons: reason one is that it is not united! And reason two is that this is very much possible, because in fact it already is on many levels: environmentally, climatically, economically, culturally, etc.

The remaining borders are few in fact, but they are very worrying, as we see with all those conflicts which have been lingering on for years all over the world, and that includes Ukraine and its big neighbor!

Russia is a great state, a great nation, a fantastic culture. But so is Ukraine. That both states, nations, cultures are close of each other does not necessarily mean that one should absorb the other one, I find.

But what we see now in Ukraine is the story of much of the humankind: a story of division, conquest, and there is a dramatic price tag for this story. Dramatic and painful.

This, most everyone agrees with, I think.

Problem is that, though we agree with this, in practice, we most of the time support the contrary. “We” had to invade, conquer, fight, bomb, etc. because and because and because.

Many becauses and one consequence: pain, misery, war.

Bombs, destruction and fear in the eyes of those we were supposed to be brothers and sisters of.

And this, for centuries, even thousands of years. Ants fighting each other, that’s our history.

A key point in the “solution” I suggest is to study what esoteric knowledge says about this unity.

And what does it say? Well, mostly that the human unity is part of a far wider unity, that of the universe, and that includes what the esoteric tradition, anywhere in the world, has always called: the invisible world.

To promote and illustrate this approach, I have written a book, “Naissance d’une civilisation planétaire”, started several media initiatives, such as this blog and lately a new video blog: PanTerra.

And also my “compositions” of course.

I put quotes on this word because I know that my compos are technically primitive. Still, through them, I try to convey exactly the same idea: there is an invisible world and the architecture of this world may help us, humans, solve our problems.

This “Ukrainian symphony” is a love song to Ukraine of course, but also to Russia and to all human souls in the world: we all are. There is but one human family, one human nation.

And this is not just nice and easy words: it’s a fight, a fight of dignity, gentleness, understanding and construction, that we all of us should lead. It’s time we think of the human family, of us, humans, as one common and existing reality. It’s time, guys!

Obviously, it’s about the invasion of this country by a more powerful neighbor, but I could have called it, in all simplicity 😂, Planetary symphony, considering not the dimension of this modest composition of course, but the fact that the history of Ukraine since 2014, it’s the history of humanity: the big ones who want to eat the small ones, and who most of the time succeed.

Therefore, this Ukrainian symphony consists of 3 parts:

A – The first is the description of a field of luminous forces, aerial if one may say so, almost independent of humanity, or at least of its collective history which is essentially ferocious, stupid and cruel.

Above us, above our daily life in any case, there is, I think, a world of inspiration, of beauty, of joy even: this is what this part tries to describe, just because in fact, it is this world that writes the possible future of humanity, the only possible future in fact perhaps.T

hat of harmony, which is not found under bombs, cannons, discussions, let alone invasions, but under the song of the soul, of the universal soul, this song in which human souls, in short all of us, can have a part.

B – The second part, after the 3 bars of silence, is the song of Ukraine. I was inspired in its 3rd sub-part by a Ukrainian melodic theme, in the Bandura style, a traditional Ukrainian instrument.

There is of course the expression of the current pain of Ukraine, but the idea was more to describe the vigor, the courage, the expectation, the injustice also of this situation: why to be invaded when you just bother nobody in reality? finally, to describe the dignity of this nation.

C – The third part, the one that is sung, which begins after the 3 silences ending part 2, is the resolution of this situation somewhere. It begins with a sort of thematic, almost philosophical, reprise of part 1 in the sense that it tries to describe the beauty of the world of the soul.

I haven’t written the lyrics yet, but it will be in that sense.

Then we slide towards a more human, concrete development, which can be that of Ukraine, but also of any country at war, Syria, etc., there are so many with so much suffering, almost everywhere.

This is where we could call this compo the planetary symphony: the idea is that at least we think about this idea, this possibility, this hope, this duty even, it seems to me, of a human nation.

You might want to have a look at this page, about a poem I wrote on the same theme, out of which I extracted a few lines to compose a song: