The land of Love

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To a friend who wrote me that skin colors are not important, nor whether we are part of this or that nation.

– – –

… Yes, Love is the way and you are supported by the whole universe in celebrating its power and infinite resilience!

As I see it though, – it’s a very little though, as you will see – we still have to take into account those questions of skin hues, nationalities, existing borders and cultural specificities because, if they have almost no importance in the face of the Creator, in other words in the face of what’s essential and will last for a very long time, they still have much importance, even if regrettably, in the present situation.

Skin hues, as well as cultural identities or national borders are one and the same thing: tracers of physical identities. They come from our past when our bodies were fishes, then birds, then mammals, before evolving to accept the presence of human souls, where the survival of the human species meant protecting the tribe because the tribe protected you.

How do you recognize your tribe? By its physical common traits, beliefs and real estate property: where you can sleep and find or produce food. And if we are far from the tribe times, those times still are very present in our genes, and they still tell us to prefer and cherish our kin, our skin hue, our beliefs, our land.

Beings like Edgar Cayce were sent on planet Earth to remember us that what we call ours, in terms of skin hue, beliefs, religion, property, land, nation, even gender, drastically change on every re-incarnation, so that we should rely more on our inner, deeper and far more real identity whose name is Love, indeed.

It’s a long run, one that is very rewarding though, and should be considered in a more rational way by us, humans!

That’s why I personally consider the possible influence of Edgar Cayce on the setting up of the United Nations Organization, even if, and this is factually a best-case scenario, this influence has quantitatively been negligible, as a wonderful step forward in the reunification of the human family with herself, in the “land of Love”.